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Based in South China, Shenzhen GLORY Industries Co., Ltd. has over 14 years’ experience in the research, design, development and manufacture of a range of Sunpower solar panels, foldable solar panel kits, custom solar panels, solar battery chargers, power supplies, multifunction solar backpacks, with advanced solar cell cutting and lamination technology, which enhance solar panel transperancy, service life performances. 
In 2012, GEPSOLAR was incorporated into GLORY SOLAR. GOLRY SOLAR is renowned for its bespoke product development, unparalleled specialist knowledge and importantly for quality customer service. GLORY SOLAR are highly complementary with comprehensive product portfolios, industry leading technological and innovative excellence together with outstanding staff.

Becoming a world-class manufacturer

GLORY SOLAR is a renewable energy manufacture that prides itself on supplying the highest quality solar products on the market today. Each GLORY SOLAR products is strictly monitored and inspected according to ISO9001 standard. As so far ,GLORY SOLAR is enjoy high reputation among our customer in European and Americas for the superior quality and exquisite workmanship. 

GLORY SOLAR R&D team has more than 14 years’ rich industry experience and expertise onboard. GLORY SOLAR R&D team craft solar products according to the needs of each customer. Also we continually revise new product design and development to meet the demands of the global market. Whether you need an energy solution for your portable power system, lighting system, power supply, or even vehicle power system, GLORY SOLAR can meet and exceed your standards. We will do everything possible to make sure your experience with GLORY SOLAR is superior. We offer wiring diagrams and technical support so no customer is left uneducated on our products.
If you have new launched solar products need solar panel techical support, we warmly come your inquiry. GLORY SOLAR R&D team will be there at your service. 
Our R&D team is specialized in designing and developing world-class solar panel products.
1. Low loss cutting technology, especially for Sunpower solar cell and crystalline solar cell.
Long lifespan ETFE laminated solar panel adopt 25~35 long life span ETFE film with proven technique
2. Perfect laminating adhesive viscosity for PET and ETFE laminated solar panel
3. Full power output foldable solar mat kit for 4x4
4. High-class small solar panel for Lighting Global supplier
5. Stable USB output system for small solar charger
6. Multifunction solar backpacks with lighting and speaker

Company profile

Based South China, Shenzhen GLORY Industries Co.,Ltd. has over 14 years experience in the research, design, development and manufacture of a range of Sunpower solar panels, foldable solar panel kits, custom solar panels, solar battery chargers, power suppplies, multifunction solar backpacks, with advenced solar cell cutting and lamination technology, which enhance solar panel transperancy, service life performaces.

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